Member Information Page
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Participation in WBYC Sailing Committee activities is open to all members. For information about joining the Sailing Program please contact the Executive Officer.

This page contains links and information about the WBYC Sailing members database system which you must use to register. Click the "Members Login" link above to enter the system, or read further below for more information.

Each member is responsible to keep their information up to date (see item 1 below "Edit Your Info" on the menu once you have logged in to the members area). If you do not know your password, you can also request it be e-mailed to you on the Login page (simply enter your e-mail address, check the box for "I forgot my password, please e-mail it to me").

Members Database - General Information
The WBYC Sailing Committee uses a web-based system that automates many of the tasks required to keep our Club operating. The system includes both "public" web pages (that anyone can access) and "private" web pages (those that our members will access with a User name and Password). Registered members who were active in previous years should already have their login information.
The system (developed and maintained by Tom Shield) is driven by a secure database containing information such as your boat name and number, your name, address, etc. We are very aware of your privacy concerns and you have full control over whether any other members can see your information. Furthermore, we do NOT collect any Credit Card numbers or other information that might be a liability for identity theft (such as SSN's. Beware of any spurious E-mail purporting to be from WBYC asking for that type of information). The only information we will have stored is essentially what someone could look up in a phone book or online.
Benefits: The biggest benefits are time savings for the team that makes your racing and social program happen and timeliness of information and communications to all our members. Registration is done online so we don't have to re-key your information (you still print your Reg. form and mail it in with your check). All the math is done for you so no mistakes get made. The Registrar accesses your records and marks you as paid so you will get scored in races. Fleet Rosters generate automatically. E-mail communications by fleet, or club-wide can be done automatically. The Judge simply enters race positions online following each race and scores will be calculated and instantly uploaded to the website. Our Calendar (both Social and Racing) is database-driven making it very easy to update in subsequent years. The Calendar also links to race results as results accumulate.

Quick Registration Guide

To complete your registration using the on-line system, after logging in using the link above, complete steps 1, 2 and 3 at the top of the menu on the left side. These steps are:

  1. Edit Your Info: Check your contact information is current
  2. Edit Your Boats: Check your boat information is current
  3. Registration Form: Print out your registration form

Mail your registration form and a check for the indicated amount to the address on the form.

Note: The data entry forms of this system require that you check a modify/delete/create box and click the submit button to change data. Use the system links to navigate and do not use the back button, except from the Registration Form.

Features of the Database System

This system allows members to:

  • Update their contact information
  • Update information on their boats and crews
  • Print a custom registration form
  • Access sailing division roster
  • View list of registered boats

In addition there is public access to the database that provides:

There are also administrative functions that allow entry of race dates and series, social events, keeping track of members payments, sending emails and generating mailing lists. For more information on the administrative functions, which require administrative permissions, see the on-line Instructions.

Lake and Lake Front Use
It is important that all members of the White Bear Yacht Club remember that our yacht racing program and waterfront activities share the lake with anglers, water skiers, power boaters, other sailors, and a host of others.

If we are to expect others to respect our rights and needs during our races, we must return the respect to those who are also using the lake. This sensitivity must also apply to those homeowners whose waterfronts are affected by our racing program, especially our neighbors whose lake front property adjoins our Waterfront Pavilion and lift space area. For more information on White Bear Lake use regulations, please visit the web site of the White Bear Lake Conservation District.

Exotic Species Alert: Certain harmful exotic species that can threaten natural resources and their use have been designated as prohibited exotic species in Minnesota. It is unlawful (a misdemeanor) to possess, import, purchase, transport, or introduce these species except under a permit for disposal, control, research, or education. Please help us control this problem.